WARNING!! THIS POST CONTAINS THE UNCENSORED USE OF THE “N-WORD.”  The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the grand jury’s decision to not indict the white police officer who shot him has brought the country into another long discussion about racism in America. These events have also brought me back to a set […]

Twelve months ago I completed my last academic year as a faculty member at Mississippi State University. This time a year ago, we were surrounded by boxes and working to find a house in northwest Ohio. Our goal was to exit The South and reestablish ourselves as Midwesterners. Now the kids are in the final […]

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In the 1990s, I worked for the Houston Independent School District and we had our own accountability system that ran parallel to the Texas accountability system. One year I was responsible for setting the formulas for our rating system (Exemplary, Acceptable etc) I remember one day sending my calculations for…

Clearly, there is a H.O.T. debate happening in America right now as Congress brings the topic of gun control to the forefront of the public discourse. The clamor against new gun control laws ranges from “enforce the laws we have” to “the federal government doesn’t do anything well so why add more laws” to “the […]

Here is a great post about the weakness of the recent Students First State Policy Report Card. What Bruce does so well is show how the rhetoric of Rhee and her group doesn’t align with the facts on the issues they support. I hope you enjoy it.   RheeFormy Logic & Goofball Rating Schemes: Comments […]

The recent tragedy in Newtown, CT has brought a new and seemingly more “ready for action” response to the issue of gun laws in American than any other of the numerous mass shootings. While there are are a ton of thoughts to unpack on “why now,” that is not my focus here. Instead, I want […]

As I have been looking around at the landscape of America lately, I have been disheartened. It seems that there are battles going on all around that somehow feel familiar and I am unclear as to why we continue to find ourselves in the same place over and over. It seems as though America has […]